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Shop with Confidence Your information is safe
In-House Experts We know our products


  • Product ID: 51-95-5-A36-8C7
  • Description:

    A fitting eye-catcher for fans of the most powerful letters in the world: the M Performance door pin rounds off every sporty interior. 

    Made of black anodized aluminum, the pin sports the color M logo and blends in perfectly with the look of other M Performance components.

    Set of 2 per package. A quantity of two orders is required for sedan models.

    NOTES: Use pliers to remove the standard door pins if

    The standard door pins may have a slot-in or bolted


    -F22/F23 - 228i-ix, 230i-ix,  M235i-ix, M240i-ix

    -F22/F23 LCI - 230i-ix, M240i-ix

    -F44 Gran-Coupe - 228i-ix, M235ix

    -F87 - M2

    -F87 LCI - M2, M2 Competition, M2 CS

    -G42 - 230i, M240ix

    -F30/F31 - 320i-ix, 328d, 328i-ix, 335i-ix, Hybrid 3

    -F30/F31 LCI - 320i-ix, 328d, 328i-ix, 330e, 335i-ix, 340i-ix

    -F34 Gran-Turismo/F34 Gran-Turismo LCI - 328i-ix, 335ix

    -F80/F80 LCI - M3, M3 Competition

    -G20 - 330e, 330i-ix, M340i-ix

    -G80 - M3, M3 Competition

    -F32 Coupe, F33 Convertible, F36 Gran-Coupe/F32 Coupe LCI, F33 Convertible LCI, F36 Gran-Coupe LCI -  428i-ix, 430i-ix, 435i-ix, 440i-ix

    -F82 - M4, M4 GTS

    -F82 LCI - M4, M4 CS

    -F83/F83 LCI - M4, M4 Competition

    -G22/G23 - 430i-ix, M440i-ix

    -G26 Gran-Coupe - 430i-ix, M440ix

    -G26 Gran-Coupe - i4 eDrive40, i4 M50

    -G82 - M4, M4 Competition

    -G82 – M4 CSL

    -G83 - M4, M4 Competition

    -F10/F10 LCI - 528i-ix, 535i-ix, 550i-ix, Hybrid 5, M5

    -F90  - M5, M5 Competition

    -F90 LCI - M5, M5 Competition, M5 CS

    -G30/G30 LCI - 530i-ix, 540i-ix, M550ix

    -F12/F12 LCI - 640i-ix, 650i-ix, M6

    -F13/F13 LCI - 640i-ix, 650i-ix, M6

    -G32 - 640ix Gran-Turismo

    -G11/G11 LCI - 740i-ix, 750ix

    -G12/G12 LCI - 740i-ix, 750ix, Alpina B7, M760ix

    -F91/F92/F93 - M8, M8 Competition

    -G14/G15 - 840i-ix, M850ix, Alpina B8

    -G16 - 840i-ix, M850ix

    -F48/F48 LCI - X1 28i-ix

    -F39 - X2 28i-ix, X2 M235ix

    -F25 - X3 28i-ix, X3 35ix

    -F97/F97 LCI - X3 M, X3 M Competition

    -G01/G01 LCI - X3 30i-ix, X3 M40ix

    -F26 - X4 28ix, X4 35ix, X4 M40ix

    -F98/F98 LCI - X4M, X4M Competition

    -G02/G02 LCI - X4 30i-ix, X4 M40ix

    -F15 - X5 35i-ix, X5 40eX, X5 50iX

    -F85 - X5 M

    -F95 - X5 M, X5 M Competition

    -G05 - X5 40i-ix, X5 40eX, X5 50ix, X5 M50ix

    -F16 - X6 35i-ix, X6 50ix

    -F86 - X6 M

    -F96 - X6 M, X6 M Competition

    -G06 - X6 40i-ix, X6 M50ix

    -G07 - X7 40ix, X7 M50ix, Alpina XB7

    -G29 - Z4 30i, Z4 M40i

    -i3/i3 LCI - i3 120Ah, i3 120Ah Rex ,i3s 120Ah , i3s 120Ah Rex,    i3 60Ah, i3 60Ah Rex, i3 94Ah, i3 94Ah Rex , i3s 94Ah, i3s 94Ah Rex